10 Best Skype Call Recorder for Windows 10 Reviewed

Skype is the best way to communicate for anyone who would never want to lose the sight of their families or friends. It provides video/audio calling as well as instant chat messages through internet connection – you certainly have thought about recording a Skype call before while interacting with your colleagues online – and you want to do it, not just for fun, but to keep some memories you would love to look at in the future when you get to miss your friends.

Unfortunately, there is no way you can do it without software because Skype alone cannot record conversations. Well, if you are serious about getting your calls recorded, you need to get the right software like Talkhelper call recorder for Skype. The good news is that we are taking the work out of hunting down Skype applications. In our pick, we are ready to share with you the best ten Skype call recorders that will help you get the job done whenever you feel like recording a Skype call.

Need further guidance? Here are some of the best call recorder options you can grab to begin storing memories.


This software earns top marks from thousands of users who are big fans of its magnificent features and performance. It is one of a kind that will record your Skype calls as well as chats. The tool actually is capable of recording calls as it saves them on your computer. It is handy way for tracking your Skype chats and it’s among the best you can ever use, we recommend it because you can easily access your recordings provided you are connected to the internet.

It is reliable enough to even allow its users to retrieve recorded files on mobile – if this app is not indeed one of its kind, correct me if i am wrong!  Imagine having access to everything on your phone, which means that wherever you go, you will be in full control of your files and you can even share them with other people to listen.

G-Recorder’s signature feature is that it can save Skype calls on both computer and your online Gmail, of course, there are plenty of recorders available, but none of them can do what this tool does, however much they provide video and audio calls. This gives you the freedom to know that you can also just login to your Gmail and have your files. It also enables you to add notes to your Skype call recordings – which help when it’s time to search for history later.

You will know what you named your recording, so you simply search by the note or name. For those people who love to keep record of literally every Skype call and Chats you make, this is the Skype recorder app to consider, it will retrieve all the Skype conversations you have ever had on Skype for you intact. Not only will it record and save your Skype calls, but it’s also safe enough to use.

Pamela for Skype

If you are willing to spend a little bit on a recorder, Pamela is a good pick. This software has more professional features and records both video and audio Skype conversations. Why i mentioned if you’re willing to cash out is because the program comes with four versions and they are all different. There is Basic, Call Recorder, Professional and Business.

Basic and Call Recorder come as freeware, and they allow users to record for free, however Basic has a limit of fifteen minutes, so while you use it, remember you will not record past those minutes it offers you, then the other versions – Pamela Professional and Business are class apart but mostly Pamela Business, they are definitely better, provide unlimited call recording and great features, so if you want to check them out – you purchase for them. Users give it good marks for being reliable, saying it’s much handier than all the Skype recorders available and it’s ideal for Skype interviews, group calls and other VoIP calls. The tool is easy to use and is rated for efficiency; many also love how quick it downloads and the installation takes less than just a minute – and you will start to record your Skype conversations automatically.

Pamela for Skype includes an automatic chat reply, call planning, birthday prompts and contact personalization, aside from that, this software will play sounds during your Skype call recording, which makes it more fun every time you record your calls. You can also makes cool humor messages to your recorded files – of course by doing that, it makes your recordings unique and you will be in position to recognize them quickly when you want to playback in the future. Users will be happy to know that not only does the tool support call recording, but also can record Skype chat messages and will guarantee email forwarding.

TalkHelper call recorder for Skype

When it comes to high quality results, few Skype recorders can top TalkHelper for quality and consistency. If sound quality is your top priority and you are looking for a Skype recorder tool, you would be blind not to recognize this app. The program is one of the most famous Skype recorders for business because it includes recording both Skype video and audio calls with high quality. Users have been satisfied with this app in so many ways – one of them is it allows them to screen capture their video Skype calls and they will be stored on the computer for when they are needed for any kind of reference in the future.

The tool has a modern design and can be configured easily, meanwhile, it includes automatic and manual recording, so we always advise users to activate automatic recording which will begin to record your Skype conversations immediately you place a call in Skype. I know this is overwhelming to record each call automatically, and it will store calls individually – audio calls will be saved with mp3/wav format, video calls with AVI files.

In addition, TalkHelper is compatible with windows, also works on all Skype versions available, its set-up is a snap, all it requires from you is to download then click allow access button  after its installation so that it can start working within Skype  and the rest will be taken care of by the tool.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface. Otherwise, the only complaint we have ever heard about this application is that its free trial version leaves people wanting and craving to record more Skype calls, and it really limits those that are not financially stable or those that are not willing to pay for the premium version which offers unlimited Skype call recording, but now that we have told you here, you should be prepared to record for seven days with the free trial version,, and if by any chance you want unlimited recording, you can still upgrade.


Vodburner ticks all the boxes when it comes to recording with high quality. Users say it’s effective and easy to use. It records video and audio Skype calls and it’s also compatible with windows 7, windows, 8, windows Vista and windows XP. This software has great features and these include capturing video Skype calls while recording, capability to edit recorded calls for example renaming the files, and recording from different modes for instance this side, other side. This recorder is meant for those who want a simple tool, its super effective for recording Skype calls and it is also lightweight than many apps on the market.

It comes with a simple interface which makes it easy to use by all people. Interestingly, it also has a pause button which allows users to pause / resume their Skype call recording when they get distracted in the middle of their recording session, we realised so many people like this features because you can record calls at your own pace and you will never lose any file when you pause.

However, the watermark problem this tool comes with, makes it hard for users to record video Skype calls when one of the parties have no Vodburner app on the computer. It has to be installed by both users if you want to get relevant results out of it that you would be proud of to even share with your colleagues sometime if you find it necessary anyway.

This Skype recorder has an upgrade option with unlimited call recording, if that’s important to you like we think. The good thing is if you upgrade, that means you will be safe from the watermark issue, also you will record for a lifetime and your Skype calls with be saved with the most convenient file formats which are, wav or mp4 format  for your Skype video calls.

iFree Skype recorder

iFree is another amazing tool.  As its name suggests, the software is free and easy to use. It is great at recording audio Skype calls and will record your Skype voice calls automatically without you having to start it. Why we recommend this Skype recorder app to anyone, is that you will not have to spend any cash on it unless you want to, it will allow you to record countless Skype calls with no limit attached to it and it will also save them on your windows PC .

So there is absolutely nothing to lose if you download it, instead, it will be you to benefit from it, because it’s not common to get a completely free Skype recorder app that records with high quality and also easy to rely on. Like many applications, it comes with an auto chat reply – this works when you have not carried your computer with you and it will make sure to reply to the people who will look for you by chat messages, Yes it will, if you have any doubts about that.

With this software, it will be very easy for you to trace your Skype recorded history at any time, no wonder, personally i enjoy using it because every time i am looking for a specific file, it is retrieved immediately and it’s as just exactly as i recorded it. Additionally, there is an option for users to record Skype conversations dissimilar side for example remote or local, whichever works for you, you record with that smoothly.

Last but not least, one of the main drawbacks of this app is that it will never notify you when you are recording your Skype call, so just to be on the safe side, always keep an eye on it every time you make a Skype call however much it records automatically!

Callnote video call recorder

Those who have ever used Callnote video call recorder to record their Skype calls have been satisfied with its great performance. Many are happy with how it records Skype calls effortlessly. It does record video and audio Skype conversations with good high quality. Users have also praised its intuitive interface, which is easy to manage for all users, whether experienced or not experienced.

The program features sharing options, for example, users can record and then upload files on face book, YouTube, Google Drive,  Dropbox or OneNote etc – so people who would love to share Skype video calls with friends, this app is handy. Whoever uses the tool likes the fact that it records calls automatically, be in SkypeIn or SkypeOut conversations.

On the other hand, Callnote has two versions. Premium and professional, the premium version offers you 30 days of free call recording, but there are some features you will not be able to use while using it – whereas the professional version is limitless and also comes with other interesting features such as, video editing, you can trim out all the segments you do not feel proud of or the ones you think will cause trouble if someone landed on them, and add notes as well if you think it’s necessary, another feature is you can take snapshots of your Facebook call, those are some of the handy features you can use freely if you are to upgrade to the professional version. Also, it is easy to install on your windows PC, all you will do is to authorize the software so that it can start recording Skype calls and it will do a great job to organise your calls and chats properly.

Mp3 Skype recorder

This Skype recorder is one of the best apps we have on the market which makes it a convenient tool for recording Skype calls. The added advantage is it’s usable. There is no set up required for you, and it’s easy to operate. Just install the app, make a call, and it will record away automatically. It has manual capabilities as well, so if you prefer recording manually, its best you mark the manual settings box before you even begin your call. Most individuals are content with the program because it offers limitless Skype call recording which they can hardly get from other Skype recorders around and it’s great for producing high quality recordings.

Besides, the app also has some cool features like, tracing simultaneous Skype calls and store them separately, which is convenient for end users to continue with what they have been recording. And while there are many softwares, users say it’s still worth the download because it’s completely free and works so well. Though most feedback is positive, some dislike the fact that it does not play any sounds when starting your Skype call, also contains a lot of ads which become irritating. So while you record Skype calls with this app, be aware that it will notify you when you begin or end your Skype call recording, plus it does will not support length calls.

Amolto call recorder for Skype

We love the simplicity of this Skype recorder. The program allows users to record Skype calls and store their fond moments for later. It is designed for those who hate stress when it comes to recording Skype calls, it is incredibly easy to use and even installing it on your computer is very cheap – anyone can have access to it as it’s free to download, which means as long as you have the right requirements, nothing can stop your way.

Furthermore, it has two versions, one is free and the other requires payment to use it, the one that requires payment of course has better features and can even support video call, but before you purchase for the premium version, test call using the freeware of this recorder, it helps to know if it performs to your expectations, and if you find it excellent, you purchase for an upgrade and begin recording unlimited Skype conversations. Otherwise, we were very pleased by the way this app is efficient, reason as to why we keep on recommending it to our friends, because we do not want to be selfish and only wish the good things to ourselves. It is a good thing to share the things that put a smile on your face with others.


You want to record both video and audio Skype conversations with so much ease? There are definitely many options out there; this one in particular is a great deal. Still user friendly and easy to install, it guarantees high quality results and also compatible with windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10, windows XP, windows Vista and windows 2000, literally includes all versions of windows. While some people love the way it records both Skype calls and saves them perfectly, other just like the fact that it also supports Skype chat recording on both sides of the conversation.

This app is ideal for interviews since it can even store audio calls separately from video calls, for example, audios will be in saved in FLAC, OGG or MP3 file format etc, while videos can be saved in AVI file format. so when it comes to recording your business Skype calls, such as Skype interviews and conferences, you do not need to over think about what you will use, this is the tool that will record your interviews excellently, lastly, it can also be hidden while recording your Skype calls, which gives you room to multitask and try to do other things on your computer, anyway, i do not think this app can get any better.


This app is easy to use and also great because of its features. It records audio and video Skype calls nicely and with high quality sound – which makes your playback worthy at anytime, you will even be proud to show other people what you recorded just because they are clear and adorable, so you know they cannot laugh at them.

While you record Skype calls with the tool, you are in full charge of everything you see on the interface, the pause button it displays helps you to pause your recording if you would like to note down some stuff, as soon as you get done, you can resume to continue and where you stopped is where it will begin from without giving you any troubles, it also includes a capture option, you can use it to capture different moments you experience during your video Skype call recording at anytime minus losing any data. The majority like it because it allows you to screen share until ten ways of group video Skype calls, which is suitable for conferences. Plus you have a choice to save your video Skype call with AVI / MP4 format.


If your entire family is abroad, you know the struggle is real when it comes to keeping some of the memories you share together. Having an excellent Skype recorder on hand is important for anyone since it’s the only way you can record and save the moments. Therefore, today, in our guide, we have obviously put up the ten best Skype call recorder; hopefully you have a better idea of what you what to get now.

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