Ten Best Screen Recorder for Windows OS

Since the invention of videos as a way of broadcasting, it has been a very helpful tool for both visual and audio learning. It is useful in step by step demonstrations for tutorial purposes, sharing of pointers during gaming, recording for all review processes or even to share a computer problem for technical support among other major performances.

However with screen recorders for windows we can now showcase our creativeness when it comes to videos. These video screen capture software enable users to annotate videos and edit them at the same time after it has been filmed, save created files in different formats and most importantly to capture a video from a webcam or video by filming picture-in-picture.

Here is a sample of the top ten best performing screen recorder for Windows Operating Systems.

TalkHelper Screen Recorder (Freeware)

TalkHelper Screen Recorder

The TalkHelper Screen recorder(https://www.talkhelper.com/screen-recorder.html) is a well-designed screen cast recorder well designed for your Skype recording uses. Not only does this dream screen recorder capture your Skype calls but also does them in high definition. What could someone ask for other than the TalkHelper recorder? Once you purchase it, you will have a Sven day free trial experience with no limitations on its features. When you put your hands on this application here is what to expect from the software:

  • User can save the recordings made and not only that the user is at a position to manage what has been recorded.
  • User can easily refer to the voicemails and the video messages for personal and business use.


  • Perfectly works on your Windows Vista, 7 to mention just but a few.
  • Requires a little amount of space to have it running just a space of 13 MB.
  • Stores file in AVI form and is XVID codec support enhancing smooth sharing for all your Skype content.
  • Audios can be saved in MP3 form or WAV format with mono or stereo option supported.


  • It may be generally difficult to use as its interface seems complex.


The Screen-O-Matic is a top notch converting tool that not only allows its user to upload the recorded content directly to YouTube as well as the Screen-O-Matic.com which is a free server host.  Screen-O-Matic believes in the practice of recording and editing videos at a less cost and even easier way without a lot of complexities. If you want to understand about this great screen recording software then here is what it can do:

  • User can create and record screencast videos in a very fast and easy way.
  • Allows the edition of videos from the robust editing tools from tools such as zooming, adding text and images as well as automated captions to mention the major editing tools.
  • Helps in sharing of videos and once upgraded to cloud hosting user enjoys an ad free upload and collaboration tools.


  • With the free version user can make a records up to 15 minutes in length.
  • Allows recordings from both the webcam and the screen.
  • Unlike other software the paid version is not that costly.
  • When working with the free version, options for publication is limited.


  • The letdown that comes with this however powerful screen recording software is that it needs a version of Windows Vista

iSpring Free Cam

The iSpring Free Cam is free screen recording software for Windows to help you record all your video screencast with a lot of ease.  it brings along help the users in various ways including:

  • This top screen recorder helps the user in selecting the area of recording of the whole screen, a selected area of the screen or even a single window.
  • To enhance lessons and make them more effective the user can record their voices over using their microphone when there is need.
  • Efficient when the user when the is the call of emphasizing important details and procedural steps by highlighting using the mouse cursor when the mouse click sounds have been turned on.


  • This top notch screen recorder allows its users to save their videos in a high quality of up to 1080P and 720P.

CamStudio Screen Recorder

This top notch screen recording software is a very easy to adopt software as within a matter of minutes, the user can easily run everything by themselves using this highly profiled application. According to their website, they say it happens to be the easiest screen recording software to go by in terms of being less complex in terms of usage. With this kind of simplicity it makes the CamStudio an open source that allows you to explore your creativity in audio and video recording in your screen. It allows the user to perform a number of roles such as:

  • Converting of all your AVIs to SWFs which happens not to be so popular among great screen recording software.
  • Minimizes the space the recorded video occupies hence saving great amount of storage space.


  • One can put additional texts or captions in their video.
  • It does not demand for pay to enjoy its services as it is entirely free to use.
  • It has been built in a help file mode
  • Maintains high quality videos which do not occupy a large storage space as they have even been minimized in comparison to the original video.
  • It can perform a simultaneous picture-in-picture webcam with the screen recording.


  • A complain about too may ads which come in terms of “offers” and they have to regularly turn them down.
  • It comes with a workaround bugs which the website of the Camstudio software clearly admits that will be sorted out in the next version.

Camtasia Screen Recorder

The Camtasia‘s top Screen Recording Software is the ideal tool for all your recording needs when working professionally inputting the minimum efforts for a quality work. It works as the best screen recording software as it is suitable for all classroom and workplace roles. Camtasia is a very unique and one of a kind screen recorder for all your Windows operating devices because it performs a number of functions such as:

  • Importing High Definition videos from an external source to add to your recording.
  • The videos created are dynamic and once created they come with a clickable link to an interactive video.

With the paid version that costs two hundred and ninety nine dollars, the user can perform a number of functions and enjoy better services such as:

  • The application installs to up to two different Windows devices.
  • There is also the advantage of update to the latest version purchased.

The discounts when buying increase with the more packages bought.


  • Features the green screen effect making the user to feel as if he or she was part of the action in the video recording.
  • For cloud storage services it is integrated with the Google Drive.
  • Works in recording a multiple number of videos and audios.
  • The incorporation of items such as animations, call outs and scroll texts can be some with a lot of ease.
  • There is also a free mobile application of this amazing screen recorder that allows you to record things from your phone and later on transfer it to your Windows Camtasia Screen recording application for editing purposes.


  • The free software demo is only available for thirty days which thereafter calls for pay.
  • When user is working with the free version, it becomes a little challenging when creating a video for commercial purpose. This is because of the limits it comes along with.

Ezvid Screen Recorder

The one thing that makes this great Screen Recorder stand out in the market right now is that it allows users to help out and reach the not well of people in the society by making donations froma as little as nine to two hundred and fifty US dollars. Far from that time Ezvid Screen Recording Software is a performer that delivers beyond the users expectations in a number of ways.

  • Being a free capture screen software, it takes the advantage of the computer power to speed up screen recording and the abilities to edit a video.
  • Allows user to not only add files and recordings via YouTube but the very first video Wiki which the Ezvid Software brags to be of their own and term it to be the very first video Wiki which is indeed very compatible.


  • The process of creating videos is in a matter of minutes making the Ezvid Screen Recorder a rather fast and quick way to get done with your videos as from their website.
  • Features a video editor that allows her to do s lot with the recorded videos made.
  • One feature that also might not be as much common as in other screen recording software is that it features a voice synthesizer and a facecam.


  • Most of its users complain of it not having the ability to keep with the pace of screen recording and has a lot of imperfections when it comes to its functioning making it a glitch.
  • To run this application, your Windows device needs not a minimum of 10 GB in space to make sure it properly runs. This might be however difficult as old Windows devices do not have such kind if storage.

Tiny Take Screen Recorder

Tiny Take Screen Recorder not only claims and brags to be the best Screen Recorder in the market right now but has also gone all the way proving itself with the features it brings into the market. When working with the It has also commanded a huge user participation because if its unrivalled abilities. This great Screen recording software in the market allows.  Any Windows device completely runs perfectly with this one of a kind software in the screen recording field. It allows its users to enjoy a wide range of abilities that it possesses those such as:

  • Allows user to fully take a capture of his or on screen video with a lot of ease.
  • It also allows the automation of such kind of recorded videos.
  • The user has the ability of sharing the recorded video to different platforms directly from this software.


  • There is a free version where the user can enjoy multiple if features with no pay.
  • The mode of its in built viewer has been optimized to fit the operating system of a mobile device.
  • From the graphics stored in the users’ device local disk, graphics could be added as well as annotating of files with the Tiny Take Screen Recorder.


  • The free version has been extremely limited in the sense that it doesn’t allow the full utilization of all the features it comes with.
  • User also cannot use the free version to their advantage, which is using it for commercial purposes.

Smart Pixel for Windows

The one fascinating feature about this top screen recording software for Windows devices is that it has be designed in a way that looks for use during gaming. However, it should not be confused to serve only gaming fanatic as it records anything that comes your screen’s way. The technology applied on this amazing screen recording software ensures that the user gets a smooth, high quality definition videos. For the paid version it comes in three packages that is the yearly package, five years package and a lifetime package that cost 15.90 US dollars, 40.90 US dollars and 63.90 Us dollars respectively. Those asking what the Smart Pixel Screen Recorder can do for them, here is what to expect.

  • Uses a high video compression technology that ensures the user gets a high quality video.
  • The same video compression technology ensures that the video saved does not take most of your hard disk space.


  • The Smart Pixel Screen Recorder can perform a simultaneous picture-in-picture for both the screen and the webcam.
  • It not only records High definition videos but also ensures there is maximum optimization of your hard disk space.
  • Features a lot of post editing tools that help in the merging, dubbing, clipping and addition of subtitles.
  • With the paid version the user can enjoy a number of advantages such as personalizing all his or her user settings, working with no watermarks and record with even high frame rates.


  • With the Smart Pixel Screen Recorder, it does not come with a multilingual version but they however redeem themselves from their website by claiming one is on its way.

ShareX Screen Recorder

ShareX Screen Recorder, one of the best screen recorders to work with right now is a free and very open to use for all your Windows devices for screenshot and screen casting services. It being a product of the two famous Jael and Michael Delpach. The publishers behind this one of a kind software is the GNU General Public License. Those who want to purchase can check it out on the Windows Store or the Steam. Hosting the project host is the GitHub code development and code-sharing platform.


  • Share X has the ability of recoding screenplay using the FFmperg.
  • Features an inbuilt video editor tool that helps in a wide range of video editing effects and image modifications as well as addition of watermarks through the image editor.
  • With an application the Share X user can perform full screen recordings, partial or even window capture.
  • Comes in 13 international languages including English, Spanish, Italian, French and German to mention just but a few.


  • With the rapid changes, and upgrades the user hast to keep on regularly updating their software so as to keep up with Share X’s latest developments.

OBS Studio

One of the designs that make the OBS Studio Screen Recorder is its powerful API equipped in it and plugins enabled with the incorporated scripts to provide further customization and meet your specific needs. The software also works perfectly with Windows, Linux and macOS devices hence no user should be worried about their devices Operating system. One thing that you have to enjoy is that it offers a free and open source software that can be used for both video recording and live streaming. These are the few things to expect from the OBS Studio Screen Recorder:

  • With this top notch software user can create a recording from multiple scenes such as images, texts, window captures, browser windows, webcams, and capture cards amongst many other options.
  • Not only can that user set up unlimited number of scenes you can switch between seamlessly courtesy if transitions that have been customized.


  • Comes with a powerful and easy to use configuration feature that helps you add new sources, double copying existing ones as well as adjusting all that it brings without putting effort.
  • Has a lot of streaming platforms and all your desired sharing platforms.
  • Allows the choosing of different and customizable transitions.
  • Before putting your scenes to stream live user can take advantage of the Studio Mode to preview them.


  • .Might be a little complex hence adaption might be difficult.

Factors to consider when choosing a Screen Recording Software


  • The Software should be at first things first run with ease from your device. The above listed all perfectly run in your Windows device. There has been a lot of disappointments by users after realizing that their software does not run in their device. This makes compatibility the very first thing to check out.

Quality of video output

  • No one wants a video output that is of poor quality that’s for sure. So the better the quality of video output the better the Screen Recorder software. The best video output is found in the selected software above.

The purchasing price

  • The software that comes with a free trial should be one of your considered software as it gives you a chance to experience the software at hand. Purchasing a software without having tries out can lead to let downs due to high expectations.

Length of recording time

  • Some software can screen record at a maximum of only twelve minutes while others run to up to one fifty minutes non stop. The longer the recording period the better the areen recording software.

Editing tools

  • Many software have editing tools and they all bring different styles in the process of edition. The listed above software have the best editing settings with rich backlogs.

Screen recording does not have to be stressing anymore as with the above options you cannot lack an ideal application that suits your needs.

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