TalkHelper is smart! It can efficiently record both your video and audio Skype calls! It runs on windows that make everything smooth and easy to set up. The program has two versions; one comes as freeware, while the other requires payment. While they both offer the same features, the free trial is limited to 7days of Skype call recorder, and if you want to record for more than just 7days, you can pay for the upgrade which will offer you lifetime call recording. i have been recording my Skype calls with this software for some good time now and i would say it has been great in regards to recording my calls with high quality sound. it is advanced with exceptional features, ideal for professionals use and personal use because is reliable enough. This app will capture every video frame of your Skype video call – as well as record voice mails, Skype video messages and it will store them on your computer, you will be able to re-watch the same files later or even use them for reference. It is compatible with all versions of Skype available – and that makes it super accessible to use, when you install the app, it will run independently and requires no additional effort because it will begin to record your Skype conversations automatically – you will just click the stop button only if your recording is complete and it will be saved on your local disk.


  • We love everything about this app, but what we like most is the way it always detects that you have made a Skype call, so it will automatically begin to record the call. That is why it highly desired by businesses because, they are sure, there’s no wasting time when it comes to recoding calls with TalkHelper
  • The tool is skilfully planned and authentic – never will you find any challenges when you install it, it comes with default settings so everything will be sorted out for you
  • It allows you to screen share during your Skype video call recording, you can clearly see the other persons screen and so should they, which makes recording easier and more fun
  • This program is free to download and will record  both your Skype conversations for free with not functional limit, also its compatible with all versions of windows
  • With this program, you will have quality results since the app guarantees high quality recording – and of course, that is what we what to get or see when we record Skype calls.


  • It can record all Skype calls – (video and audio)
  • There is automatic and manually capabilities
  • It saves video Skype calls with AVI file format
  • Audio Skype calls are stored in WAV / MP3 file format with mono/stereo option


  • Talkhelper’s only downside is that the version that comes as freeware is limited – you cannot use it to record your Skype conversations for more than 7 days.

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