Coral Triangle

Total area: 2.3 million sq. miles
Reef building coral species: 600+
Reef fish species: 3000+
Marine mammals: 22
Sea turtle species: 5


The Coral Triangle is defined as the global epicenter of marine species diversity and is one of the top priorities for marine conservation. This magnificent region of the ocean covers an area of 5.7 million km2 and contains more than one-third of all the world’s coral reefs. It harbors more than 600 species of reef-building coral, or 75% of all known coral species, and over 3,000 species of reef fish. It also holds nearly 75% of the world’s mangrove species, over 45% of seagrass species, 58% of tropical marine mollusks, five species of sea turtles and at least 22 species of marine mammals also occur in the region – an astounding level of diversity concentrated in …

What’s Defying Ocean’s End

Explore 11 critically endangered marine ecosystems in our pop-up map.


August 27-31, 2007
 42nd European Marine Biology Symposium
Kiel, Germany

September 23-27, 2007
 15th International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

September 25-28, 2007
 European Symposium on MPAs as a Tool for Fisheries
Management & Ecosystem Conservation
Murcia, Spain

September 29 – October 4, 2007
 Oceans 2007
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Ocean Update

President Bush Advances U.S. Interests in the World�s Oceans

May 15, 2007 – The statement urges the Senate to act favorably on U.S. accession to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea during this session of Congress and to enhance the protection of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.  Read more 

10 Best Skype Call Recorder for Windows 10 Reviewed

Skype is the best way to communicate for anyone who would never want to lose the sight of their families or friends. It provides video/audio calling as well as instant chat messages through internet connection – you certainly have thought about recording a Skype call before while interacting with your colleagues online – and you want to do it, not just for fun, but to keep some memories you would love to look at in the future when you get to miss your friends.

Unfortunately, there is no way you can do it without software because Skype alone cannot record conversations. Well, if you are serious about getting your calls recorded, you need to get the right software like Talkhelper call recorder for Skype. The good news is that we are taking the work out of hunting down Skype applications. …


Vodburner is a call recorder plug-in for Skype and it’s compatible with windows. The tool will record both your Skype conversations and store all the files in your windows PC, offering you an option to edit your recordings for example you can add texts, subtitles etc and save Skype video calls in WMA/MP4 format. It is one of the best tools that can offer both video and audio Skype calls and will permit you to capture precious moments of your Skype video call recording – which is a great thing because you will have more memories added to your files. This program is designed to deliver high quality sound. it includes recording modes whereby you have a choice to choose who to show such as, this side, other side or side by side and can be really effective. It is …


G-Recorder is a unique plug-in that can record your Skype conversations. If your job is like data entry or sales, and you love to keep track of everything you do – G-Recorder is available. We would recommend picking up this one, because it is extraordinary in many ways we are yet to talk about here. When it comes to recording Skype calls with high quality, this tool takes high marks. It is a hassle-free app that is ideal for anyone who don’t want to struggle while recording Skype calls. It is also ideal for people like convenience and designed to record Skype chats as well. It supports saving Skype calls on both your computer and Gmail account.

The program offers online access to your Skype recordings – Users can easily access their recordings through internet and mobile phones as long …


Evaer’s Skype recorder is superb choice for users looking for a great tool that can record both Skype conversations with too much ease. The program instantly records your Skype calls automatically as soon as it detects that you have made a call, whether its incoming or outgoing call. Capable of recording your Skype calls in picture in picture or side by side and more modes, the app allows you to capture authentic Skype video and audio data while recording your Skype call as well as screen share your group video call up-to 10 ways.

It is compatible with windows, also has a simple interface, plus it requires no any serious setup. Once a user records their Skype video call with this app, they will have options of formats to save their videos in such as AVI or MP4 format as …


Callnote video call recorder is all about reliability and efficiency. Its main goal is to record both Skype video and audio calls with high quality that will be awesome for a playback later. Its consistency has made it one of the best apps available and it is also known for being very simple with an intuitive interface. The tool attracts all classes of people because it allows you to upload files on your social media platforms like facebook. We find this application incredible in almost every way. It works on windows and features the best video editing functions. If you ever make a mistake or say things you did not really mean to talk about during your Skype call recording, don’t panic – you can still cut out unwanted parts from your recording and save them afresh. It ensures …


TalkHelper is smart! It can efficiently record both your video and audio Skype calls! It runs on windows that make everything smooth and easy to set up. The program has two versions; one comes as freeware, while the other requires payment. While they both offer the same features, the free trial is limited to 7days of Skype call recorder, and if you want to record for more than just 7days, you can pay for the upgrade which will offer you lifetime call recording. i have been recording my Skype calls with this software for some good time now and i would say it has been great in regards to recording my calls with high quality sound. it is advanced with exceptional features, ideal for professionals use and personal use because is reliable enough. This app will capture every video …


Pamela for Skype is classic, simple Skype recorder app. The tool is advanced and it’s no surprise that can record both Skype calls, compatible with windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10, it includes email forwarding at anytime. Users are floored by how easy it is to record Skype calls and how user friendly it is. All your Skype calls will be recorded automatically as it ensures high quality. sometimes it’s worth spending some cash to ensure real usability, why we are saying this is that the tool has four different versions, Basic, Call Recorder, Professional and Business, but the best out the four is Business, that’s why we rate this software higher because it has options for all classes of people, people who want to get more advanced features, can try out Pamela Business, however you still have …


Mp3 free Skype call recorder is advanced with exceptional features. The app is used for recording Skype calls on windows and it is very efficient, users are allowed to record audio Skype calls with no limit, so whatever it is that you have wanted to record for a long time, use this opportunity to record now and save them for later use. It is entirely free, that is why we mentioned that you should use this opportunity to record your Skype calls – since not all recorders available offer what it offers. And one thing is for sure, most of us enjoy free things, we love to use things we do not spend cash on, and that is one thing that has highly contributed to its popularity. In addition, Mp3 has manual and automatic recording capabilities, why it has two, …