Pamela for Skype is classic, simple Skype recorder app. The tool is advanced and it’s no surprise that can record both Skype calls, compatible with windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10, it includes email forwarding at anytime. Users are floored by how easy it is to record Skype calls and how user friendly it is. All your Skype calls will be recorded automatically as it ensures high quality. sometimes it’s worth spending some cash to ensure real usability, why we are saying this is that the tool has four different versions, Basic, Call Recorder, Professional and Business, but the best out the four is Business, that’s why we rate this software higher because it has options for all classes of people, people who want to get more advanced features, can try out Pamela Business, however you still have a chance to record your Skype calls for free with the freeware version which is Basic.

It is actually important to first try the free version before you even think of paying, and why we say it’s important is because, you get to know if the tool is user friendly or not – if you find it okay, then why not upgrade to better versions and start having unlimited call recording. In addition, Pamela Business is costly, but we reckon its good value for your money.


  • The tool allows users to test call with its freeware version, this is like an eye opener for the new users who have never used this app to record their Skype conversations.
  • Besides that, it also offers 30 day trial with Pamela Professional – honestly speaking it cannot get any user friendly.
  • It will play cool sounds while you record your Skype conversations – this feature is not common, you can only find it in few recorders and Pamela is one of them
  • Another common feature is that is has an auto chat reply – we all know how convenient this is when we are not available, it will give a helping hand and text back to your contacts at anytime
  • Who does not like the idea of having their Skype calls recorded automatically? I think the majority do, if not all people – and that is exactly this app will do for you once you download it on your computer
  • It organises chat history, so users would never find a hard in looking for their chats later
  • You can always count on this app because it would never let you down in regards to reminding you about your colleague’s birthdays – you will always receive a notification when the scheduled time of your friends’ birthdays is right. Interesting right?


  • The tool records for free for both video and audio recording
  • This app also records Skype chats for you
  • It is easy to set up, since all you do is download and install in on your computer


  • Pamela Basic and Professional are expensive.

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