Mp3 free Skype call recorder is advanced with exceptional features. The app is used for recording Skype calls on windows and it is very efficient, users are allowed to record audio Skype calls with no limit, so whatever it is that you have wanted to record for a long time, use this opportunity to record now and save them for later use. It is entirely free, that is why we mentioned that you should use this opportunity to record your Skype calls – since not all recorders available offer what it offers. And one thing is for sure, most of us enjoy free things, we love to use things we do not spend cash on, and that is one thing that has highly contributed to its popularity. In addition, Mp3 has manual and automatic recording capabilities, why it has two, is because people are different, what you what may not work for me – you might what to record your Skype calls automatically and i will prefer recording them manually, see, we shall both have a choice in that case, you will set automatic and i will set manual. Meaning, if you leave it at automatic recording, the Skype calls you make will be recorded automatically, and when you change to manual, you will have the responsibility of clicking the record/start button whenever you begin a Skype call. As simple as that!


  • Mp3 is of course one of the easiest Skype recorders, its interface is manageable, so no one should ever freak out thinking it’s complicated, no its not confusing at all.
  • The program is capable of tracking different Skype calls at the same time and will store them separately on your windows PC
  • It also records all Skype calls automatically, they could be incoming calls or outgoing calls etc, moreover even those that are made to your online number (Skype)
  • Record your conference calls with this app, because it can do that perfectly for you
  • There is a pause button, you can use it conveniently while recording your Skype calls – to resume the call, you have to tap on the same button and it will go ahead with recording your Skype call.
  • The program offers free Skype call recording for whoever wants to use it to record their Skype calls and i think that highlights the reason why you should consider Mp3 free Skype call recorder for yourself. I can assure you that once you go Mp3, you will never go back to any other – clearly you would have arrived or gotten what you were looking for


  • It stores audio Skype conversations with mp3 format
  • The app is free, so you will be allowed to record Skype calls.
  • It is compatible with windows
  • The audio Skype calls you record are stored with mp3 format


  • This program is limited to only audio Skype call recording, you will not be allowed to record video Skype calls.

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