iFree is a free Skype recorder app that allows you to record Skype calls without limit. If you are looking for simple and completely free software, this is your tool; i have also had the pleasure of testing it out personally and i was amazed by what it is capable of in regards to recording Skype calls efficiently. The program is lightweight, so it’s not the type that will take a lot of space on your computer, and i think that is another reason why it is among the most downloaded, people hate to download bulky apps that’s why this one come handy and first on the list always. It allows users to record their Skype conversations in different modes for example, record audio only, record other side only, picture in picture which will record all sides of the Skype conversation. Furthermore, you will not spend an hour searching for your recorded history with this tool, it is very much easy to track history since it records all the details of the participants such name, and the duration of the call, so you can precisely just search by the participants name and everything will be retrieved straightaway.

Note:  You can also get this app from the official website of iFree Skype recorder and it will download instantly on your computer.


  • Gladly this application offers a chat reply, this makes it even a better option because most people need a recorder that can reply back to their chats when they leave their computer – i think that makes some people relaxed, to know that even though they have stepped away from their computer, their chats are still being taken care of.
  • If you have been wondering if you will ever find a completely free Skype recorder, it’s this one! Absolutely free, whatever you record with it, will be recorded for free and there is no any limitation whatsoever.
  • It also saves audio Skype conversations to mp3 file format while using lame mp3 Encoder which makes it easy for you to play your recordings using other players.


  • It has got a simple interface that is easy to understand and operate by anyone
  • There is a pause button option
  • Users are happy with this tool because it takes just a single click and the calls will be recorded


  • To record Skype video calls with this app, both users have to make sure that they have activated the video mode, if not it will not record anything for you
  • It is not reliable when it comes to recording video Skype conversations, the quality it produces is not the best, so when you record your videos and they do not come out nicely, don’t say we did not warn you.
  • Another disadvantage about this app is sometimes it will show that it is recording, yet in actual sense it’s not moving, and when you try to playback, nothing will play.

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