G-Recorder is a unique plug-in that can record your Skype conversations. If your job is like data entry or sales, and you love to keep track of everything you do – G-Recorder is available. We would recommend picking up this one, because it is extraordinary in many ways we are yet to talk about here. When it comes to recording Skype calls with high quality, this tool takes high marks. It is a hassle-free app that is ideal for anyone who don’t want to struggle while recording Skype calls. It is also ideal for people like convenience and designed to record Skype chats as well. It supports saving Skype calls on both your computer and Gmail account.

The program offers online access to your Skype recordings – Users can easily access their recordings through internet and mobile phones as long as they internet. Like any other modern software, it’s super easy to install, all you need to do is download and begin recording your Skype calls. But, most importantly, this software has two versions – it has a free trial version then the other one is professional version; both versions are reliable but if you are using the free version, you will definitely miss out on some great features, plus you will not have unlimited call recording. You can only have timeless Skype call recording when you use the professional version – which does not come free mind you. It is paid for but you will not sulk having it – one of the best features that come with the professional version is that it’s able to forward your Skype calls as well as chats to emails provided; also it is easy to search for your recorded files at any time you may want to use them. All in all, G-recorder is efficient and super reliable in every way.

Key Features

  • The free version of this tool allows users to test most of the benefits it comes including recording Skype calls to Gmail which makes it easy for you to access for later – as well as record your Skype chats.
  • It has a direct interface, trust me you, you will not fail to operate this app, the installation will be precise and after, you should be able to start recording your Skype conversations
  • With this tool, you have a place to back-up your files, you can record as many calls as possible, as you back them up to your Gmail box where no one will ever find them.
  • It allows users to transfer old Skype chat history to your email account – meanwhile, we have not come across quite many Skype recorders that offer that, that’s why G-Recorder is 100% excellent and easy to rely on


  • The free version cannot help users search for their Skype calls as well as Skype notes.
  • Furthermore, the free version is still a disappointment to users because it only allows them to record for only 14 days, once they are done, nothing more you can do, apart from upgrading.

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