Evaer’s Skype recorder is superb choice for users looking for a great tool that can record both Skype conversations with too much ease. The program instantly records your Skype calls automatically as soon as it detects that you have made a call, whether its incoming or outgoing call. Capable of recording your Skype calls in picture in picture or side by side and more modes, the app allows you to capture authentic Skype video and audio data while recording your Skype call as well as screen share your group video call up-to 10 ways.

It is compatible with windows, also has a simple interface, plus it requires no any serious setup. Once a user records their Skype video call with this app, they will have options of formats to save their videos in such as AVI or MP4 format as well as watch their recorded Skype call recording for later reference. The available automatic chat reply assists in replying back to your contacts when you are away from your computer, whether the message is useful or not useful, that is its work to fulfil, so it will do the needful.

Beyond functionality, Evaer adds an answering machine that works on all your Skype calls, be it video Skype call or incomings Skype calls. Lastly, its set-up is simple for both new users and experienced users, taking not more than a minute to install on your computer.


  • It has an automatic recording which detects once you make a call, so while you use it to record, don’t do anything else. Just keep talking and it will do the best by even producing high quality results – when you finish recording, you will be able to playback the files saved in your computer
  • Fortunately, the tool also records voice mails and Skype video messages and will save them in your computer
  • The app gives you thrilling recording options for example like recording both sides sound – remote sound only or local sound only. Whatever you want to do this app, you can do perfectly and at your own pace.
  • There are also manual settings, we mentioned that the app can record your Skype calls automatically, but it can as well record them manually if that is what you desire at the moment. All you do is to deactivate its default settings and enable manual, by doing so you will start to record Skype calls not automatically but by technically stating the record button.


  • It supports video preview while recording Skype conversations
  • Users can download the app from the official site freely with no complications
  • It is easy to change local video position on picture in picture mode
  • All people who use this tool to record their Skype calls have a great time because it allows them to share music and other useful documentations – so there are no such boring days with this program
  • it saves audio Skype conversations in mp3 format

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