Callnote video call recorder is all about reliability and efficiency. Its main goal is to record both Skype video and audio calls with high quality that will be awesome for a playback later. Its consistency has made it one of the best apps available and it is also known for being very simple with an intuitive interface. The tool attracts all classes of people because it allows you to upload files on your social media platforms like facebook. We find this application incredible in almost every way. It works on windows and features the best video editing functions. If you ever make a mistake or say things you did not really mean to talk about during your Skype call recording, don’t panic – you can still cut out unwanted parts from your recording and save them afresh. It ensures high quality recording, and this provides clearer pictures and audible voices. In addition, the app also allows users to take instant Skype call snapshots while recording their calls. You are allowed to take as many snapshots as possible during your recording if it’s what will make you happy at the time of your recording. There is a whole lot of recording functions for users with this app and let’s break some of its features for you below.


  • Like other Skype recorders, it is pretty straightforward to install, and also, it will begin to record Skype calls automatically – so basically your job is to make Skype calls and the rest will be sorted out for you
  • I know this might sound untrue, but this app allows you to edit Skype call notes – people have this in their mind that, it’s just videos that can be edited, No!, you absolutely got it wrong, with this application, you will be in position to edit both Skype video call and the call notes you make – you will even have the chance to upload them on your Face Book or YouTube after being sure that whatever would have made you regret for saying the things you didn’t mean to, is cut out.
  • If you ever find yourself in dilemma and don’t know the right tool to use, consider picking Callnote – it supports both video and audio Skype calls and it is great at organizing files, you will never have your files scattered in your computer, they will all be in one folder for quick access and playback.
  • Aside from offering both Skype calls, the tool offers various languages which makes it very accessible and convenient for users – you are free to set the language you feel comfortable with or you understand better in regards to reading, so that everything becomes smooth and easy for you.


  • It has an intuitive interface
  • It can record both video and audio with high quality


  • The trial version does not support HD Skype video recording
  • Still with the free version users can’t take snapshots of their facebook call
  • Another irritating drawback about this app is there’s limited call recording with the freeware version

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