Vodburner is a call recorder plug-in for Skype and it’s compatible with windows. The tool will record both your Skype conversations and store all the files in your windows PC, offering you an option to edit your recordings for example you can add texts, subtitles etc and save Skype video calls in WMA/MP4 format. It is one of the best tools that can offer both video and audio Skype calls and will permit you to capture precious moments of your Skype video call recording – which is a great thing because you will have more memories added to your files. This program is designed to deliver high quality sound. it includes recording modes whereby you have a choice to choose who to show such as, this side, other side or side by side and can be really effective. It is reliable software especially when you have all the requirements needed for this tool. One of the good things about Vodburner, is that it’s pretty much user friendly and of course offers more than just recording Skype calls – you do not have to worry about anything downloading this app. Just install it and it will do its work for you.

Features of Vodburner

  • When we said the app offers more than just recording Skype calls this is what we meant – after you save your files, the app allows users to edit their files, which actually makes the files organized and easy to access in the future
  • This tool displays a Stop button on its interface for you to use, you can record calls with it and when you finish recording your call, you can easily click Stop button, in order for it to end and you will find them in your computer.
  • Additionally, there is also a pause button, tap it, if you want to stop and rest for some time then resume when you are done – you can just play around with all the buttons you see there, because if they did not matter, they would never exist in the first place, so be charge of your Skype call recording because you know best what works for you.
  • It comes with a help option, this usually comes to your rescue, let’s say there’s something or a question you would love to know about the app, you just go to that option and you will be able to find whatever you might need to know about Vodburner.
  • It will show you the time of the call commenced as well, plus give you the opportunity to either hide details or show them
  • The tool is compatible with windows, nearly all the versions available, for example, windows 7, windows 8, windows Vista, windows 2000 and windows XP etc – so if you have one of the windows mentioned here, you had better try out this one


  • It supports both Skype video and audio calls
  • The app captures video frames at maximum resolution







G-Recorder is a unique plug-in that can record your Skype conversations. If your job is like data entry or sales, and you love to keep track of everything you do – G-Recorder is available. We would recommend picking up this one, because it is extraordinary in many ways we are yet to talk about here. When it comes to recording Skype calls with high quality, this tool takes high marks. It is a hassle-free app that is ideal for anyone who don’t want to struggle while recording Skype calls. It is also ideal for people like convenience and designed to record Skype chats as well. It supports saving Skype calls on both your computer and Gmail account.

The program offers online access to your Skype recordings – Users can easily access their recordings through internet and mobile phones as long as they internet. Like any other modern software, it’s super easy to install, all you need to do is download and begin recording your Skype calls. But, most importantly, this software has two versions – it has a free trial version then the other one is professional version; both versions are reliable but if you are using the free version, you will definitely miss out on some great features, plus you will not have unlimited call recording. You can only have timeless Skype call recording when you use the professional version – which does not come free mind you. It is paid for but you will not sulk having it – one of the best features that come with the professional version is that it’s able to forward your Skype calls as well as chats to emails provided; also it is easy to search for your recorded files at any time you may want to use them. All in all, G-recorder is efficient and super reliable in every way.

Key Features

  • The free version of this tool allows users to test most of the benefits it comes including recording Skype calls to Gmail which makes it easy for you to access for later – as well as record your Skype chats.
  • It has a direct interface, trust me you, you will not fail to operate this app, the installation will be precise and after, you should be able to start recording your Skype conversations
  • With this tool, you have a place to back-up your files, you can record as many calls as possible, as you back them up to your Gmail box where no one will ever find them.
  • It allows users to transfer old Skype chat history to your email account – meanwhile, we have not come across quite many Skype recorders that offer that, that’s why G-Recorder is 100% excellent and easy to rely on


  • The free version cannot help users search for their Skype calls as well as Skype notes.
  • Furthermore, the free version is still a disappointment to users because it only allows them to record for only 14 days, once they are done, nothing more you can do, apart from upgrading.


Evaer is superb choice for users looking for a great tool that can record both Skype conversations with too much ease. The program instantly records your Skype calls automatically as soon as it detects that you have made a call, whether its incoming or outgoing call. Capable of recording your Skype calls in picture in picture or side by side and more modes, the app allows you to capture authentic Skype video and audio data while recording your Skype call as well as screen share your group video call up-to 10 ways.  It is compatible with windows, also has a simple interface, plus it requires no any serious setup. Once a user records their Skype video call with this app, they will have options of formats to save their videos in such as AVI or MP4 format as well as watch their recorded Skype call recording for later reference. The available automatic chat reply assists in replying back to your contacts when you are away from your computer, whether the message is useful or not useful, that is its work to fulfil, so it will do the needful. Beyond functionality, Evaer adds an answering machine that works on all your Skype calls, be it video Skype call or incomings Skype calls. Lastly, its set-up is simple for both new users and experienced users, taking not more than a minute to install on your computer.


  • It has an automatic recording which detects once you make a call, so while you use it to record, don’t do anything else. Just keep talking and it will do the best by even producing high quality results – when you finish recording, you will be able to playback the files saved in your computer
  • Fortunately, the tool also records voice mails and Skype video messages and will save them in your computer
  • The app gives you thrilling recording options for example like recording both sides sound – remote sound only or local sound only. Whatever you want to do this app, you can do perfectly and at your own pace.
  • There are also manual settings, we mentioned that the app can record your Skype calls automatically, but it can as well record them manually if that is what you desire at the moment. All you do is to deactivate its default settings and enable manual, by doing so you will start to record Skype calls not automatically but by technically stating the record button.


  • It supports video preview while recording Skype conversations
  • Users can download the app from the official site freely with no complications
  • It is easy to change local video position on picture in picture mode
  • All people who use this tool to record their Skype calls have a great time because it allows them to share music and other useful documentations – so there are no such boring days with this program
  • it saves audio Skype conversations in mp3 format






Callnote video call recorder is all about reliability and efficiency. Its main goal is to record both Skype video and audio calls with high quality that will be awesome for a playback later. Its consistency has made it one of the best apps available and it is also known for being very simple with an intuitive interface. The tool attracts all classes of people because it allows you to upload files on your social media platforms like facebook. We find this application incredible in almost every way. It works on windows and features the best video editing functions. If you ever make a mistake or say things you did not really mean to talk about during your Skype call recording, don’t panic – you can still cut out unwanted parts from your recording and save them afresh. It ensures high quality recording, and this provides clearer pictures and audible voices. In addition, the app also allows users to take instant Skype call snapshots while recording their calls. You are allowed to take as many snapshots as possible during your recording if it’s what will make you happy at the time of your recording. There is a whole lot of recording functions for users with this app and let’s break some of its features for you below.


  • Like other Skype recorders, it is pretty straightforward to install, and also, it will begin to record Skype calls automatically – so basically your job is to make Skype calls and the rest will be sorted out for you
  • I know this might sound untrue, but this app allows you to edit Skype call notes – people have this in their mind that, it’s just videos that can be edited, No!, you absolutely got it wrong, with this application, you will be in position to edit both Skype video call and the call notes you make – you will even have the chance to upload them on your Face Book or YouTube after being sure that whatever would have made you regret for saying the things you didn’t mean to, is cut out.
  • If you ever find yourself in dilemma and don’t know the right tool to use, consider picking Callnote – it supports both video and audio Skype calls and it is great at organizing files, you will never have your files scattered in your computer, they will all be in one folder for quick access and playback.
  • Aside from offering both Skype calls, the tool offers various languages which makes it very accessible and convenient for users – you are free to set the language you feel comfortable with or you understand better in regards to reading, so that everything becomes smooth and easy for you.


  • It has an intuitive interface
  • It can record both video and audio with high quality


  • The trial version does not support HD Skype video recording
  • Still with the free version users can’t take snapshots of their facebook call
  • Another irritating drawback about this app is there’s limited call recording with the freeware version




TalkHelper is smart! It can efficiently record both your video and audio Skype calls! It runs on windows that make everything smooth and easy to set up. The program has two versions; one comes as freeware, while the other requires payment. While they both offer the same features, the free trial is limited to 7days of Skype call recording, and if you want to record for more than just 7days, you can pay for the upgrade which will offer you lifetime call recording. i have been recording my Skype calls with this software for some good time now and i would say it has been great in regards to recording my calls with high quality sound. it is advanced with exceptional features, ideal for professionals use and personal use because is reliable enough. This app will capture every video frame of your Skype video call – as well as record voice mails, Skype video messages and it will store them on your computer, you will be able to re-watch the same files later or even use them for reference. It is compatible with all versions of Skype available – and that makes it super accessible to use, when you install the app, it will run independently and requires no additional effort because it will begin to record your Skype conversations automatically – you will just click the stop button only if your recording is complete and it will be saved on your local disk.


  • We love everything about this app, but what we like most is the way it always detects that you have made a Skype call, so it will automatically begin to record the call. That is why it highly desired by businesses because, they are sure, there’s no wasting time when it comes to recoding calls with TalkHelper
  • The tool is skilfully planned and authentic – never will you find any challenges when you install it, it comes with default settings so everything will be sorted out for you
  • It allows you to screen share during your Skype video call recording, you can clearly see the other persons screen and so should they, which makes recording easier and more fun
  • This program is free to download and will record  both your Skype conversations for free with not functional limit, also its compatible with all versions of windows
  • With this program, you will have quality results since the app guarantees high quality recording – and of course, that is what we what to get or see when we record Skype calls.


  • It can record all Skype calls – (video and audio)
  • There is automatic and manually capabilities
  • It saves video Skype calls with AVI file format
  • Audio Skype calls are stored in WAV / MP3 file format with mono/stereo option


  • Talkhelper’s only downside is that the version that comes as freeware is limited – you cannot use it to record your Skype conversations for more than 7 days.


Pamela for Skype is classic, simple Skype recorder app. The tool is advanced and it’s no surprise that can record both Skype calls, compatible with windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10, it includes email forwarding at anytime. Users are floored by how easy it is to record Skype calls and how user friendly it is. All your Skype calls will be recorded automatically as it ensures high quality. sometimes it’s worth spending some cash to ensure real usability, why we are saying this is that the tool has four different versions, Basic, Call Recorder, Professional and Business, but the best out the four is Business, that’s why we rate this software higher because it has options for all classes of people, people who want to get more advanced features, can try out Pamela Business, however you still have a chance to record your Skype calls for free with the freeware version which is Basic. It is actually important to first try the free version before you even think of paying, and why we say it’s important is because, you get to know if the tool is user friendly or not – if you find it okay, then why not upgrade to better versions and start having unlimited call recording. In addition, Pamela Business is costly, but we reckon its good value for your money.


  • The tool allows users to test call with its freeware version, this is like an eye opener for the new users who have never used this app to record their Skype conversations.
  • Besides that, it also offers 30 day trial with Pamela Professional – honestly speaking it cannot get any user friendly.
  • It will play cool sounds while you record your Skype conversations – this feature is not common, you can only find it in few recorders and Pamela is one of them
  • Another common feature is that is has an auto chat reply – we all know how convenient this is when we are not available, it will give a helping hand and text back to your contacts at anytime
  • Who does not like the idea of having their Skype calls recorded automatically? I think the majority do, if not all people – and that is exactly this app will do for you once you download it on your computer
  • It organises chat history, so users would never find a hard in looking for their chats later
  • You can always count on this app because it would never let you down in regards to reminding you about your colleague’s birthdays – you will always receive a notification when the scheduled time of your friends’ birthdays is right. Interesting right?


  • The tool records for free for both video and audio recording
  • This app also records Skype chats for you
  • It is easy to set up, since all you do is download and install in on your computer


  • Pamela Basic and Professional are expensive.






Mp3 free Skype call recorder is advanced with exceptional features. The app is used for recording Skype calls on windows and it is very efficient, users are allowed to record audio Skype calls with no limit, so whatever it is that you have wanted to record for a long time, use this opportunity to record now and save them for later use. It is entirely free, that is why we mentioned that you should use this opportunity to record your Skype calls – since not all recorders available offer what it offers. And one thing is for sure, most of us enjoy free things, we love to use things we do not spend cash on, and that is one thing that has highly contributed to its popularity. In addition, Mp3 has manual and automatic recording capabilities, why it has two, is because people are different, what you what may not work for me – you might what to record your Skype calls automatically and i will prefer recording them manually, see, we shall both have a choice in that case, you will set automatic and i will set manual. Meaning, if you leave it at automatic recording, the Skype calls you make will be recorded automatically, and when you change to manual, you will have the responsibility of clicking the record/start button whenever you begin a Skype call. As simple as that!


  • Mp3 is of course one of the easiest Skype recorders, its interface is manageable, so no one should ever freak out thinking it’s complicated, no its not confusing at all.
  • The program is capable of tracking different Skype calls at the same time and will store them separately on your windows PC
  • It also records all Skype calls automatically, they could be incoming calls or outgoing calls etc, moreover even those that are made to your online number (Skype)
  • Record your conference calls with this app, because it can do that perfectly for you
  • There is a pause button, you can use it conveniently while recording your Skype calls – to resume the call, you have to tap on the same button and it will go ahead with recording your Skype call.
  • The program offers free Skype call recording for whoever wants to use it to record their Skype calls and i think that highlights the reason why you should consider Mp3 free Skype call recorder for yourself. I can assure you that once you go Mp3, you will never go back to any other – clearly you would have arrived or gotten what you were looking for


  • It stores audio Skype conversations with mp3 format
  • The app is free, so you will be allowed to record Skype calls.
  • It is compatible with windows
  • The audio Skype calls you record are stored with mp3 format


  • This program is limited to only audio Skype call recording, you will not be allowed to record video Skype calls.






iFree is a free Skype recorder app that allows you to record Skype calls without limit. If you are looking for simple and completely free software, this is your tool; i have also had the pleasure of testing it out personally and i was amazed by what it is capable of in regards to recording Skype calls efficiently. The program is lightweight, so it’s not the type that will take a lot of space on your computer, and i think that is another reason why it is among the most downloaded, people hate to download bulky apps that’s why this one come handy and first on the list always. It allows users to record their Skype conversations in different modes for example, record audio only, record other side only, picture in picture which will record all sides of the Skype conversation. Furthermore, you will not spend an hour searching for your recorded history with this tool, it is very much easy to track history since it records all the details of the participants such name, and the duration of the call, so you can precisely just search by the participants name and everything will be retrieved straightaway.

Note:  You can also get this app from the official website of iFree Skype recorder and it will download instantly on your computer.


  • Gladly this application offers a chat reply, this makes it even a better option because most people need a recorder that can reply back to their chats when they leave their computer – i think that makes some people relaxed, to know that even though they have stepped away from their computer, their chats are still being taken care of.
  • If you have been wondering if you will ever find a completely free Skype recorder, it’s this one! Absolutely free, whatever you record with it, will be recorded for free and there is no any limitation whatsoever.
  • It also saves audio Skype conversations to mp3 file format while using lame mp3 Encoder which makes it easy for you to play your recordings using other players.


  • It has got a simple interface that is easy to understand and operate by anyone
  • There is a pause button option
  • Users are happy with this tool because it takes just a single click and the calls will be recorded


  • To record Skype video calls with this app, both users have to make sure that they have activated the video mode, if not it will not record anything for you
  • It is not reliable when it comes to recording video Skype conversations, the quality it produces is not the best, so when you record your videos and they do not come out nicely, don’t say we did not warn you.
  • Another disadvantage about this app is sometimes it will show that it is recording, yet in actual sense it’s not moving, and when you try to playback, nothing will play.




AthTek Skype Recorder is a powerful tool used to record both video and audio Skype calls. The program is pretty much simple and it’s compatible with windows 7, windows 8.1, windows 2000, windows XP, and windows Vista. Not only can it record video and audio calls, but will also record your Skype chats and save them on your computer. It will record calls automatically immediately you make a call. We find this app ideal for private calls as well as personal use, since it gives high quality sound every time you make a call with it, with all the talk of how this app is a must have, it’s also good to note that it stores audio Skype calls in FLAC, MP3, WMA formats and video calls in AVI formats. Furthermore, this recorder has two versions; first is free trial version, then second is professional version. The first one is freeware, so it offers only 10 minutes, and then professional is unlimited and costs $29.95. But, do not over look the free version – just because it allows you record for a few minutes. It helps you to have a test call with friends and also see if the way is performs is perfect for your needs. The process to test call with it is actually really simple. Just download and you will be able to record for the minutes offered to you.


  • It comes with a hidden mode feature which is great for parental control purpose – and will have all your Skype conversation recorded no matter what.
  • It records both sides of the call automatically – whatever you see will definitely appear in the video and the production will be of high quality, so you can proudly playback in the future
  • The app also includes advanced File Transfer Protocol Uploader for power users, please note:, only those with an account can go ahead to upload their Skype calls, if you don’t have one, it’s high time you create one so that you don’t miss out on the fun.

How to use AthTek

Downloading this software could not be any easier because it is completely direct and here is how to get this app to your computer

  1. Download the software from the official AthTek website.
  2. Once the app finishes installing, launch it.
  3. you will receive a notification saying Allow access
  4. Simply click on the Allow access and the software will get access to work from Skype
  5. However, you may not receive the notification sometimes
  6. So, alternatively you go to Skypes directory and click on the skpye.exe
  7. After you select run as administrator.
  8. Repeat the steps to the program, then you will a notification
  9. So, after that, you make a Skype call and the app will begin to record automatically


  • The free trial version is not reliable since it hangs sometimes during your Skype call recording session, if you have your cash and also want quality results – you would rather upgrade and start recording your private calls.



Amolto call recorder for Skype is one of the most used Skype recorders available. It has a well designed interface that makes it easy to use. It’s important to note that while this program is free, its premium version enables video support and exclusive offers. The app offers free unlimited audio Skype calls and saves all the recordings in your windows PC – users will have a chance to even playback the files since they are saved in a place that is very accessible and open for anyone. With this software, recording will start automatically as soon as you make a Skype call and you will be in control to stop it when you finish recording, and you can also add mp3 tags as well as notes and so much more. It stores recorded Skype video calls in MP4 format. This Skype plug-in allows you to control the light of your ongoing video; you either make it super bright or moderate depending on what you like most and of course what looks captivating. It is available for windows users on the official website of Amolto to record Skype calls.

How to use

  • Download/install Amolto file on your computer
  • Once you have downloaded the software, running it is straightforward affair.
  • Open the file and follow the commands
  • The first command will be to Allow access
  • The easiest way to do it is to click on the Allow access button
  • Now that you have given the software permission to work with Skype, recording is as easy as making a Skype call.
  • Make a call now, and the tool will record your Skype calls automatically
  • To end your recording, click Stop button and it will save the files in your computer
  • That’s it, you have recorded calls, so you can playback the files when you want to


  • The tool is 100% free from spyware, adware and viruses; it is clean enough not to affect your computer in any way, we love to get Skype recorder apps, but we also want them super clean, that way it makes the user stay firm.
  • This software is free of cost, you will download it freely and also record your audio Skype conversations at zero shillings
  • You have the pause button at disposable while you record your Skype calls with this app, use it when you want to pause your call and resume whenever you are ready to move on
  • You need well organized files? Use this app as it is efficient when it comes to tracking recorded files in your computer. When people record Skype calls, they don’t want to find a hard time to search for the history when they need to use it in the future, a good Skype reorder app should not take a minute in retrieving what you have searched for.


  • There is no video call recording with the free trial version of Amolto